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By becoming a VIP member of our VIP Billionaires Club, you become a part of a new world, dedicated entirely to the chance of sharing your ideas, activities, plans and lifestyle with people who understand you and have the same social status and interests as you. 

This is a closed community and we do our best to keep it this way to keep our community as safe and as possible to provide the most source of security to our members.

It is a very exclusive club where only the VIPs of society can join.

So we prioritise invited members only.

If you are invited by our VIP members, you are provided with the most exclusive services through our professional support.

Image by nikldn


1. Members can meet with global elites in various fields in a cultural environment and get access to the largest database of billionaires from around the world. 

2. Members can participate in a wide variety of special events (online and offline events ).

3. Members can network freely with other VIP Members.

4. Members can receive a special benefit with an introduction of new Members.

5. Members will feel safe and comfortable in our protected community and get our high support.

6. Members can receive a special discount when purchasing VIP Billionaires high-end products.

How to join us

We only allow introductions for new members, so the only way to become a member is to have another member to invite you.

Image by Zoe Holling
Image by Gilles De Muynck

Membership Fee

10,000 USD/year

The above amount includes consumption tax. 

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